CSC Engineering Sdn Bhd is a trusted and dependable technology provider having over 22 years of experience in cooling tower industries. CSC Engineering Sdn Bhd has successfully undertake more than 1,000 projects for all sorts of new cooling tower supply, installation project job and it's parts replacement programme not only in Malaysia, but also included of South East Asia Countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, The Philippines and Myanmar, and recently we have also completed some projects at Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and UAE through our local agent.

CSC Engineering Sdn Bhd has gained reputation at the core competence in terms of good quality cooling tower finishing job and also the expertise to offer in guaranteed performance parameters as we at CSC have always believed in taking the lead to set a perfect standards to ensure our customer will keep on coming back to look for us .

At CSC, customer's demand of good product and service is always set in our mindset with our focusing in the area of our product and services which can be elaborate as follows:

  1. Supply of new cooling tower, such as our standard rectangular crossflow cooling tower, rectangular counterflow cooling tower and round counterflow cooling tower.
  2. Supply of wooden cooling tower (custom designed or standard) or FRP cooling tower to be installed in dirty water c/w high temperature condition cooling tower.
  3. Supply of customer designed cooling tower for big project basis for those involved in oil and gas industries, plant industries, chemical industries or other related heavy industries.
  4. Supply and replace of all types of cooling tower infill such as crossflow infill and counterflow infill to gain back the existing cooling tower with original cooling capacity.
  5. Supply and replace of all types of cooling tower fan ranging from 800mm to 4,500mm which consists of energy saving made specially for energy saving programme.
  6. Supply and replace the external and internal components or parts of all types cooling tower such as hot water basin, fan stack, fan bearing box, fan motor, fan holder, fan blade, internal structure, cold water basin, cold water sump and other related parts.
  7. Associate of company that involved in supply of new chiller unit with specialize in Water Cooled Chiller and Air Cooled Chiller.
  8. Associate company to supply of heat exchange, condenser, cooling coil and other parts related to chiller or HVAC system.