KH Series Crossflow Cooling Tower Feature

1. Modular type design
  • Make full use of space; facile for mapping out a perfect installation design
2. Meticulously engineered water circulation system
  • No debris-clog and dirt-sedimentation
3. Lightweight and portable components, very easy for transportation and rigging
  • Free from height limitation; most suitable for sky-high buildings
4. All key components are made of anti-rust & antiseptic materials
  • Strongly stand up to corrosion, microorganisms and harsh weather conditions
5. Ingeniously corrugated fill
  • Excellent for heat-exchange. Specifically designed flow regulating function (patent pending) to avoid water splashing out of fill. Water will only flow down along the fill
6. Louver type air-intake
  • Good at unifying air flow; greatly effective at eliminating splash
7. Special drive design supported with high efficiency fan of adjustable fan pitch
  • Result in a very low noise level

KST-N Counterflow Cooling Tower Feature

1. FRP casing and basin
  • Free from corrosion and rust; ensuring durable operation and long service life. High structural strength can effectively withstand high wind velocity and vibration.
2. Round design
  • The design permits maximum air intake at whatever wind direction.
3. Lightweight and portable components
  • All the tower components are carefully designed to be small enough to either fit into an elevator or maneuvered via stairways to rooftops or plant rooms. That enables easy transportation and eliminating rigging
4. Inner, centralized piping system
  • The piping and pipe connections all are centralized in water basin. That ensures ease of installation and reduction of installation cost
5. Meticulously designed and tested fills
  • The corrugation of the PVC fills was meticulously designed to offer maximum water/air contact time, which results in superior heat exchanging efficiency.
6. Mesh type air intake
  • The plastic mesh air-intake effectively prevents foreign objects from entering into water basin, and also provides easy access to water sump for cleaning
7. High efficiency drift eliminator
  • The drift eliminators can limit drift loss to less than 0.005%

KFT Counterflow Cooling Tower Feature

1. Long-durability and light-weight
  • Tower body is made out of FRP which is free from corrosion, so it is as durable as steel but as light as PVC
2. No rust
  • All steel parts are treated by HDG, so none will get rusty
3. Low noise
  • There is a high quality silence mat above the basin, that will absorb most of water drop noise
4. Low water loss
  • The specially designed PVC drift eliminator can produce excellent efficiency at stopping spray, so the carry-over volume can always be kept within 0.001% and only a slight pressure drop loss will be caused there
5. No clog & pollution
  • All nozzles are designed to be with special big orifice so they will not get clogged as what were usually used. Moreover, being installed inside the towers, nor will the nozzles accept dirts from environmental pollutions
6. Good heat-exchange efficiency
  • The film type cellular fill is made of air vacuum forming PVC sheets which are with corrugated surface and are disposed at cross against each other, so it can do very good job in heat rejection
7. Light operating weight
  • With shape sloping down into water sump, the basin requires less water storage than common square type basins
8. Easy erection
  • All tower support are made of FRP and are body-formed with basin, so it is very easy to erect the tower, no matter there's isolation steel frame or not.

TS Solartech Sdn Bhd: KH 800 (200rt x 4 cells)

KST-N 700

Penfabric Sdn Bhd: KFT 500 (250rt x 2 cells)